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ImmunoSil came to my rescue this allergy season. I actually placed a small amount inside my eyelids for great relief. Any open skin abrasion was also aided by ImmunoSil’s quick healing properties. I now keep ImmunoSil handy at all times for minor cuts and scratches. I’m always looking for additional ways to use this amazing product? ~ Sue Ann A.

My granddaughter was two years old when she started breaking out in boils. I didn’t know what it was so I took her to the doctor. We started treating her with topical and internal antibiotics. The boils went away but then came back. This happened again and again. We went to the doctor again…tests were done that determined she had MRSA. We tried a ton of stuff; topical antibiotics, creams and lotions to get her to heal but it persisted. We went on line and got a book about MRSA. This book said a combo of products were needed and recommended coconut oil and silver. We started applying coconut oil daily. When she turned three, we found ImmunoSil at a co-op and started her on two teaspoons per day maintenance. The best thing about this is that she would take it because it is odorless and tasteless. We started potty training about the same time we started ImmunoSil. It took maybe two to three months to see a change. By six months the boils were gone with no further outbreaks. We were amazed and knew we just found the best product in the world. At one time she had four to five boils on her crotch and bottom and was so miserable. Once we got ImmunoSil in her system the symptoms disappeared. This stuff is a God send from heaven! She takes it every day and continues to be free from any outbreaks. ~ Vicki N.

One of my patients struggled with Hepatitis B and C. By using ImmunoSil in combination with another supplement, his liver can now function normally and he is healthy. Even though he still has both the viruses, his body can now function normally. He asks me, almost every visit, what is in the ImmunoSil that gives him so much energy and I tell him that the energy comes from his liver eliminating toxins properly now that his viral count is low. ~ Chiropractic professional, Fair Oaks, CA

I contracted pneumonia and my lungs quickly filled with fluid. I was able to relieve the fluid buildup by taking potassium iodine. After a few days with the fluid removed, the infection continued with congestive coughs and green phlegm. On day 6 I started taking ImmunoSil. The results were immediate. Phlegm was yellow on the 2nd day and completely clear on the 5th day with no more cough. Thanks! ~ Raymond W.

I fought off a cold in a couple of days and my granddaughter was better in 3 days from a flu bug. She’s usually down 2 weeks! ~ Steve M.

My bronchitis was gone in less than a week. Usually it takes 3 – 4 weeks even with antibiotics! Thanks ImmunoSil! ~ David D.

My mother recently got me a bottle of ImmunoSil for a throat infection and it was gone in days. ~ Chuck B.

I had a staph infection and scheduled a doctor appointment. I started applying ImmunoSil topically and ingested it too. The sores got smaller even before seeing the doctor the following day. She said to keep doing what I was doing and gave me a prescription to take if needed. The staph cleared up in 2 days and I did not have to take the prescription. ~ Mike T.

I suffer from chronic Lyme disease. I was told there was no hope. A friend gave me ImmunoSil. Amazing…what a life changer. ~ Rachel N.

I took antibiotics and got a yeast infection. I tried ImmunoSil, what a relief! Wow….every woman needs to know about ImmunoSil! ~ Holly T.